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TeacherCast Interview: Learn How RobotsLAB is innovating STEM Education

Posted by Anna Sandler

Apr 11, 2014 8:30:00 AM

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NAO humanoid robot gives a more personal connection to autistic children

Posted by Mike Nardine

Apr 7, 2014 8:00:00 AM

No one is certain as to why, but it seems that NAO, the anthropomorphic robot from the French company Aldebaran, appeals to children with autism. Some experts suggest the appeal has something to do with NAO’s non-threatening voice and appearance. Others say they believe it is NAO’s ability to communicate with these children without the complicated social and emotional facial clues given off by other humans that confuse and frighten them.


Several studies indicate that NAO is a valuable addition to the existing systems that work with autistic children. No claim is made by NAO’s adherents that it is the only viable strategy for dealing with childhood autism-- but with over 5000 of these anthropomorphic robots placed in research and educational institutions worldwide there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to suggest they work well with these children in existing classrooms. The recent experiences of educators and children at Shaler Academy in Ridgefield, N.J.and at Vanderbilt University illustrates this point.


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The importance of ensuring America’s continued competitiveness with STEM

Posted by Mike Nardine

Apr 4, 2014 9:00:00 AM

The Great Recession began in 2007 and ’by the numbers’ ended in 2009. "By the numbers" meaning "technically". The Misery Index and unemployment have remained high in spite of this technicality. Why is that do you suppose? Is it possible there has been a change in the economy at a fundamental level not responsive to rising housing prices?


Could it be that the workplace itself changed so greatly during this period with the explosion of mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablets that the available jobs no longer reflects the pool of trained, unemployed job seekers? According to Sidharth Oberoi, chief academic officer at Zaniac, that’s the case. He writes, "A closer look at U.S. unemployment statistics shows that even with unemployment still at historically high levels, large numbers of jobs are going unfilled. Most of these jobs have one very important thing in common — the need for STEM education". He says further data suggests that while there are 3.6 applicants for every available job in the US, there is only one unemployed STEM worker for every two available STEM positions.


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Forbes 30 under 30 honored edtech entrepreneurs

Posted by Mike Nardine

Apr 3, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Forbes Magazine recently presented Nic Borg with its "30 Under 30" award. The magazine presents the award annually to young entrepreneurs (under 30 years-old, as you might have guessed) in 15 different fields like finance, entertainment, technology and education. Mr. Borg’s award was in the education field for his co-founding of with Jeff O’Hara.


Mr Borg’s background, Forbes magazine says, differs from other entrepreneurs in the field by being an intensely practical one forged in a high school environment where he built web-based tools and management solutions for seven years before founding Edmodo. Edmodo, formed in 2008 with the slogan "Where learning happens," uses what he learned in that down-and-dirty educational environment to facilitate communication and collaboration between students teachers both in and outside the classroom. He wanted to form a site that solved "real" problems for teachers. The largest K-12 social learning network with more than 33 million users, Edmodo  is often called the "Facebook of education".


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RobotsLAB BOX Named the BEST STEM SOLUTION by EdTech Digest

Posted by Elad Inbar

Mar 21, 2014 5:14:00 PM

EdTech Digest Awards Program 2014

Spirit of Innovation

From EdTechDigest:

For so many reasons, the education technology space is moving forward with great momentum and robust spirit. A confluence of factors — the right time, technology and people — has made for a superlative year.

With top talent and quality in so many corners, it wasn’t an easy selection process, but we are shining a spotlight on some of the best and brightest tools, leaders and trendsetters pushing forward today’s education revolution for the benefit of future generations.

There are now thousands of startups, apps and companies working in edtech, more than ever before. The introduction of new methods, ideas, products and frameworks for learning, the willingness of investors to power such ingenuity through, or for startups making a go of it to boldly bootstrap their own efforts — and the real results that come of it — all converge to a single point: in the edtech sector, a spirit of innovation is alive and well. The courage, energy and determination of so many in and around education, their attitude, their underlying intentions to create positive change in one of the most important fields of human endeavor — not only deserves respect and warm approval, but is heartening to witness and partake in.

We are part of a greater movement here, one that takes a tremendous amount of drive, but one with so many gains to be had. We’re very excited to recognize these cool tools, leaders and trendsetters in the education technology space. We intend to continue contributing to the forward motion of this revolution, and we salute those dedicated souls that create the human energy involved in such an undertaking. Well done! Continue! 

RobotsLAB BOX named the winner and the best STEM Solution

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Taking Math Out of the Classroom into the Construction Site

Posted by Charles Nimrad

Mar 20, 2014 9:00:00 AM

High schoolers building homes for the non-profit organization Habitat For Humanity is another great example of 21st Century math teachers taking math out of the classroom where it has been languishing for centuries and putting it to work in a fashion guaranteed to engage young minds and hands. Forty-nine High School students in Vancouver built homes while participating in a class called Math in Construction.


What did they learn? Well, confidence for one thing. An appreciation for real-world math for another."It was an amazing experience," said One young scholar. "I'm going to use this in real life."

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DARwIn-OP Robot Can Imitate Human Motions

Posted by Anna Sandler

Mar 19, 2014 1:00:00 PM


The proposed system can perform full-body imitation of human motion by humanoid robot. A humanoid robot has potential to support people in various environments such as homes, hospitals, offices, etc. However, if a robot has to work in a real environment, actions based on various motions, which should be input by humans, are essential. The motion-capture is one of the easiest ways to generate humanoid motions. However, there are lots of problems. Often it requires offline process for building motion database. High computational cost is also a big problem in a small-sized humanoid. Moreover, because of the difference between human and robot kinematic structure, the original captured human motions are often infeasible movements for humanoid robot.

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And the winner (of the free RobotsLAB BOX) is...

Posted by Elad Inbar

Mar 18, 2014 10:43:00 AM

Two weeks ago, when RobotsLAB BOX won the first place at LaunchEDU competition at SxSW, we were so excited and honored that we decided to donate one of the educational kits to a school.

We've asked the audience (as reported by EdSurge) to submit the names of their schools, and nominate them to win a free RobotsLAB BOX. We had tens of schools submit their details -- we were very excited to see the passion educators had to work with the latest and greatest in educational technology!

We would like to thank the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for supporting educators across the country and promoting EdTech as a paradigm shift driving students' engagment in STEM.

So without further ado - the winner is:

Mrs. Helana Corda from James Lick Middle School
Here is the a short video of the final drawing:
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It's here! The NAO Robot is finally out of the classroom! We took it to skydive! Take a look...

Posted by Elad Inbar

Mar 17, 2014 12:20:00 AM

Do you remember when:

  •          AldebaranRobotics' NAO robot was only available to schools and universities?
  •          When a NAO cost $16,000?
  •          NAO was unable to fly?


Well, that's old news because:

  •          NAO is available for purchase by anyone.  No more academic requirements
  •          The price of a NAO has been reduced to only $7,990!  Or even free (see below).
  •          We arranged a skydiving trip to get NAO out of the classroom


We are working with Aldebaran Robotics and their NAO robots since 2010. We've delivered hundreds of NAOs to schools, universities, research institutes and tech museums around the world, and even publicly shared apps for NAO on the RobotAppStore. Unfortunately, over the years we have had to turn away many people that wanted to adopt a NAO because they didn't meet the academic criteria. It has been very difficult to say "no" over and over again, and to disappoint all of those people that wanted to put their hands on the latest and greatest technology.

At last, the wait is over.

Aldebaran no longer requires NAO purchases to come from academia.   Anyone can buy one! (Just make sure that you understand computer software before you buy one.)

And general availability isn't even the best part! The best part is that the price has dropped from $16,000 to only $7,990. That's a 50% drop!  That's right.  NAO is half price AND anyone can buy it!

To celebrate this exciting news, we've decided make it even more exciting and give cash back to one out of twenty of the buyers of the NAO! (Please read the terms and conditions here). Not only that, we’ve arranged a skydive experience for NAO, to demonstrate the robot is out of the classroom and the amazing price drop. Take a look for yourself, (and don’t forget to share!)


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Posted by Anna Sandler

Mar 5, 2014 10:13:59 PM



Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA – March 6, 2014 - A handpicked group of distinguished judges representing a cross section of in business, technology and education experts have selected RobotsLAB BOX as the winner of the LAUNCHedu Competition

The competition began in August 2013 with approximately eighty applications.  RobotsLAB was one of ten finalists chosen by the judges to present at SXSWedu on March 3.  Following that presentation, RobotsLAB was one of three companies to be selected as a finalist.  The final presentation was made in front of judges and a jam-packed room of educators on the morning of March 5.  As part of the Educator Insights panel that discussed all ten competing companies, all three panelists cited RobotsLAB BOX as their favorite.

Based on the votes of attendees and judges, RobotsLAB BOX was ultimately chosen as the competition winner at the LAUNCHedu party on March 5.  Betsy Corcoran, CEO and Co-Founder of EdSurge presented the award to RobotsLAB CEO Elad Inbar.


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