Tips and in-store purchase recommendations chosen to flatter a shopper's unique figure and style preferences.

CurveTips Application running on a robot provides shoppers purchase recommendations with detailed explanations about why specific clothing items are suggested. Article details which flatter the customer's figure are highlighted in the same way as a professional saleswoman.
Clothing and accessory recommendations are based on body-shape, body-characteristics, style preferences, previously purchased and in-cart items.

The CurveTips fashion intelligence application, is working online and in stores for more than five years, and generated millions of interactions with individuals in Asia, Europe and the USA. It provides general article tips to all shoppers, or personalized advice after a quick in-store registration, through a mobile device or on the retailer's website. Registration requires only 3 minutes, and no measurements or photos are needed. Upon registering, a personalized guide to fashion shopping for her unique figure is emailed to the customer.

Improve Sales on known and new users

Users with body-shape info: conversion rate +55%, site returns +70%, total annual spending +200%

Users without body-shape info: conversion rate +18%, site returns +15%, total annual spending +45% (Results collected from over 700,000 registered members, and more than 10 million global shopping experiences.)

Also Available on the NAO and other Robots

Pepper's smaller brother, NAO, can interact with customers the same way, and pull customers' and articles' data in the same engaging way.

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** The application was developed by CurveTips and RobotsLAB and is exclusively available through RobotsLAB, for Pepper and other robots.
** Pepper is available through SoftBank and authorized distributors.